Week Shred Are The Ab Workout Results Real? HITC

Chloe Ting's "Intense Abs Workout Routine-10 Mins Flat Stomach" Exercise has over 11 million views in just over a year. Chloe, now a fitness and travel vlogger, is touting a respectable 7.98 million followers on YouTube with 623,588,900 total views. Just like most fitness models, Chloe is a hard-working individual with a passion for working out and eating healthily. I am not sure if this workout alone would give you abs (which is a goal I definitely want to get to one day), but I do believe that having define abs also comes from a good healthy diet.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the results, and going forward I'll definitely pull up the video every once in a while to get an ab workout in. I enjoyed the pace and length of the video as well: 10 minutes felt short and sweet and kept me engaged throughout the 2 week span, but it was intense enough to where I felt the burn near the end of each workout.

Visit Shonda's website where here to see the full workout video and browse all her other great, no equipment needed workouts. Exercises such as lunges, plank, triceps push-ups and knee-ups make up this challenging 15-minute workout that will have you sweating like there's no tomorrow.

Alexis Ren is known for her killer abs and amazing Insta-worthy body and she has blessed us with some videos on her Youtube channel. Each day, pick a workout from one of these home trainers to not only boost your mental health but to come out of isolation looking and feeling better than ever.

Tbh it's probably because my form is crap since I'm not used to doing these exercises. At last count, Ting's ‘Get a smaller waist in 28 days' and ‘Lose thigh fat weight loss results workout' vids have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and her flat tummy” routines are in the millions.

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